Posted on 29-04-2012
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Studies consistently show that the single most important thing for employees in the workforce is feeling appreciated for their work efforts. Salary is always, of course, important but expected as an equal exchange of money for services performed. In the end money or salary itself will have little to with encouraging or motivating employees to work at their highest levels.

Smart and prudent companies go above and beyond to motivate, challenge and encourage their employees to strive and excel beyond doing only what is acceptable. As a result, employee recognition programs are a must for any company looking to retain their top talent and stave off attrition and employee turnover.

By implementing an effective employee of the month program, this can be achieved and prove to be a mutually beneficial scenario for both employer and employee.

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Posted on 27-04-2012
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Don’t forget Mom on Mother’s Day!!!

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Posted on 20-04-2012
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Welcome to our new Canyon Awards Blog.

This is our first post. Feel free to look around, post comments or contact us for all your awards, trophy and gift needs.





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